The Feasst study - University of Copenhagen. + 8400 meals delivered to research project to test the impact it has on men's sperm quality

In January 2022, we started the research project The Feasst study, together with researchers from the University of Copenhagen. In short, the study involved a group of men receiving respectively unprocessed food for the whole week for a period, after which they had to receive ultra-processed food for a period. In June 2022, we completed the food delivery to the project and had delivered over 8400 meals and snacks, as well as +3000 beverages.

Why this research project?

It is known that sperm epigenetics can change when men undergo lifestyle changes, such as increased exercise or weight loss. Additionally, these epigenetic changes have been noted to occur in places on the DNA that can affect the health and development of their children. A lifestyle choice that we are still working to understand what impact it has on the quality and epigenetics of sperm. Previous animal research has shown that certain diets of expectant fathers can potentially lead to altered health outcomes in their children. To help us better understand how men's current modern diet may affect their sperm, we designed the food intake and epigenetic change in spermatozoa of single individuals and twins, also known as the FEASST study.

Read here what Study leader Jessica Preston says about the collaboration with Mydietpal

• We decided to choose Mydietpal as a food supplier for our nutrition research study due to the ability for Mydietpal to provide a truly bespoke service providing beginning to end solutions meeting exactly our needs. They were able to provide a complete service is terms of designing, implementing, and delivering menus meeting our stringent requirements as nutrition researchers. This included working with our research team to design meal boxes that would be both tasty and nutritionally precise, sourcing the ingredients we needed, producing and packaging large scales of hundreds of meals each week, and seamlessly delivering the meals to those who needed them. Working with Mydietpal took much of the stress out of running a nutrition research project as they were able to professionally handle all aspects of providing the right meals to our participants.

• Working with Mydietpal both prior to and during our large scale nutrition intervention was a seamless process. Chano and his team was receptive and communicative, providing all of the details and expertise needed to provide full food provision services. It was clear that the Mydietpal team had extensive experience in providing bespoke meal services, leaving no detail left unattended to.

• I was overwhelmingly satisfied with the service provided by Mydietpal and would surely collaborate with them again when working on another project requiring food preparation services. By working with Mydietpal, we gained a teamed of professionals who equally dedicated themselves to making sure our project ran as it should. We greatly benefited from their expertise in nutrition, food preparation, food packaging, menu development, and food supply chains. I can say that Mydietpal’s contribution was a big part of our project’s success.

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    Jessica Preston - PhD Fellow Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for metabolic Research

    Responsible for The Feasst Study, University of Copenhagen
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